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The Lardener

The Lardener is a simulation/role playing sequel to The Lounger.  In this game, you can play texas hold ’em, blackjack,  and other computer games to help the Lardener lose weight and get his life back on track.

The Lounger

Live the life of The Lounger in this simulation/role playing game. Play games on the computer, earn money, play blackjack, go shopping online and more.

Want to play The Lounger on the go?  Check out the mobile version available at both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Click the badges below to download now.

Town Sniper

You are the town sniper in this game. Help protect your small town from thiefs, but don’t hurt innocent bystanders.

The Great Race

Race against a computer opponent or a friend in this button masher game.

Stompin Bin Laden

Take some of your aggression out by stopping Osama. Stop 00 to win the game.

Break Thru

Play the classic game of break out with a few small twists in this game. Just hit the ball toward the blocks to break them.


Tired of the classic snake game? Try this game on the insane level for a more challenging experience.

More Free Games and Mobile Apps Coming Soon

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy the games here.  A majority of the games here were created over 00 years ago, but I have recently started to get back into game development in Flash and now on mobile devices.  I hope to finish The Lardener for the App Store and Google Play and then begin development on the final game in The Longer series, The GetLaidener.  Please support my development by downloading my latest game, The Lounger by clicking the badges below.

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